2022 November Catskill Listening Club Offerings

Stephen Spera. Untitled, from Stephen's forthcoming solo release.
Vocals by Milena Scriabine. Everything else by Stephen Spera. Field recordings made in Saugerties, NY.

Kenji Garland. This is a live recording of an improvisation featuring software I wrote for the Monome Norns. The idea behind the software is to string notes along an elastic thread, where they sway in the breeze and drift closer to and further from one another over time, while mostly remaining in the order in which they were played. Put another way, it's like a MIDI looper with very loose timing. Tuning is just intonation, but I don't remember the exact scale I was using.

David Garland. New drone created with modified 12-string acoustic guitar, manipulated by a modular synth.
David compared this performance to photography, in that he is responding to what the guitar rig does, capturing and holding when he hears fit.

Rodney Greenblat. Frail
A new piece of music composed, performed, and recorded by Rodney using various analog and digital synthesizers and loops.

Zach Layton. acoustic piano, live processing.
This is a piece of music that Zach created this summer at the Macdowell artist's colony.

Rebecca Bray. Video & audio documentation of "Framing Device" (2016, Hirshhorn Museum of American Art) and "Silosphere" (2012, Megapolis Audio Art Festival).
These and other Brayver Concern projects can be found at thebrayverconcern.com