2023 March Catskill Listening Club Offerings

The club met on March 11 this month. Galen Joseph-Hunter, Suzanne Thorpe, Meredith Kooi, Rodney Greenblat, Paul Boettiger, Kenji Garland, Rebecca Bray, and I were at the meeting. I read aloud the first few paragraphs from a book I recently acquired called Figures In Air by Micha Silver. It’s an excellent examination into what audio actually are (an imagined duration) and what the ear really does when it listens (it also transmits to the brain). We all talked a lot about fidelity and imagination and how those things inform our perception of listening. That led to. . . . 

Suzanne Thorpe. Suzanne guided us through some face tunings and body wakeups to prepare us for listening deeply. These tunings are part of Pauline Oliveros's Deep Listening practice. 

Jimmy Garver. Jimmy is working with choreographer and visual artist/filmmaker Will Rawls on a new project called [siccer]. The project manifests as a live dance performance and adjacent gallery installation. He's sound designing for the gallery show using source material from improvisations made by Holland Andrews and Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste. He shared some of that work in video/audio form with the club. Read more about the project in its latest incarnation at the MCA Chicago.

Meredith Kooi. Meredith recently moved to Catskill to work with WGXC and Wave Farm. She shared this piece which she made with two different synths; one of them (maybe both?) are derived from little bits electronic kits. 

Kenji Garland. Kenji is working up a live set. Here's an example of what he's come up with. He's playing at the Avalon in Catskill on March 26

Rodney Greenblat. Rodney read some of his recent poetry. Find them here. Rodney's doing a live set on April 14 at Quinn's in Beacon.